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In this new podcast series, Markus Gnirck is exploring with his guests what it takes to connect Mind and Body. He is keen to understand the transformative journeys of individuals that have pushed themselves to improve physical and mental well-being by setting the right motivation and discipline. You learn how a wide range of people are mastering their unique journey and how it doesn’t take too much to discover the uberhuman in you. Athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, gurus, politicians, you name it…this podcast talks to all of them to get their insights for your benefit.

Markus approach to this comes from experience in nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs in Europe and Asia. Having co-founded and invested in technology ventures in various industry verticals, Markus believes it is important to pay attention to physical and mental well-being and to find the right balance – something that is unique to every individual. As a financial technology investor with tryb Group, he now supports the growth of promising companies in Asia.

He himself is an endurance athlete and mindfulness practitioner. Through those activities, he experiments with Body and Mind to learn more about himself and become essentially more wholesome as a person.

Listen in to hear from Markus himself why he started this podcast and what you can expect from it:


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