Episode 08: Have A Plan, Stick To It & Don’t Give Up, With Matteo Chiampo

A few years ago, Matteo walked up stairs in New Delhi and was panting heavily when reaching the top. The next day he ran his first kilometer. He never liked running. It was boring. It was something he didn’t enjoy.

From that 1km in India, Matteo got hooked and started to run, run and run. Races after races. Recently he finished the world famous Marathon Des Sables, a 6 day multi-stage event in the Sahara desert. It is said to be the toughest foot race on Earth, crossing the desert in 251km with self provided nutrition all the way.

An obvious question is: Why?

Matteo has worked across multiple continents and has built successful technology companies (a mobile first bank in India and a mobile money tech company in Myanmar for example). He is a busy man driven by creating positive impact in the world, especially bringing financial innovation and energy to the underserved societies in emerging markets.

With all that under his belt, he decided to start running. When running long distance, he got to learn so much about his mind and body. He had to adjust his nutrition, sleep and recovery times. Being out there in the desert, cut off from any modern technology, Matteo got a sense of purity – in a way a deeper understanding what it means to be human again. Eat, drink, run, sleep – and again.

The only key factor for success: Have a plan, stick to it and don’t give it up. Trust that the rest will work out.

Listen in to this episode to learn more about Matteo’s journey from having ran 1km to completing 251km in the Sahara desert.

Matteo is deeply passionate about financial inclusion

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