Episode 07: Intro To The F*** It & Cell Diet, Nourishing And Bionic Humans – With Tricia Yap, Founder of Warrior Academy

After having smashed her laptop keyboard at work in Hong Kong, Tricia decided to step out of her corporate life and focus on her passion: exercising! She went on to become a competitive MMA fighter (one of the few females at that time in Hong Kong) and started a transformation journey that led her to experiment with her mind and body.

Tricia has tried almost every diet out there, apart from vegan, and got to learn what kind of nutrition has different impacts on her body and mind. A f*** it diet (eating anything) was as interesting as a keto diet. Listening to her body, measuring every single gram of food intake and pushing her limits in exercising gave her a great understanding how to optimise her lifestyle. She is now a big believer of only having nourishing food (‘it is good for you if it grows, flies, runs and swims’) and calls it the ‘Cell Diet’ – nutrition that has healthy impact on a cellular level in the body.

With science progressing and technologies allowing for optimised nutrition plans, Tricia shares her views on what she sees happening in this space to make humans more bionic.

Listen in to learn more about Tricia’s experiments, her various diets and great insights into biochemical reactions in your body.


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Call Notes:

Tricia’s LinkedIn

Tricia’s Instagram

Warrior Academy

Tricia’s TedX Talk about The Role of Perseverance in Success

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Martial Arts

Keto Diet

How the body burns fat?


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