Episode 06: Entrepreneurs Are Like Athletes – With Lingga Madu, co-founder of Sale Stock

Lingga is on his 5th company now. He started his entrepreneurial journey by selling VCRs during his student days in Jogjakarta (Indonesia) and learned quickly his lessons on what it takes to build successful companies. He went on to found several other companies in various industries, from design to waste management. He is now the co-founder of Sale Stock, a 800 people strong, fast growing e-commerce company in Indonesia

However, being an workaholic has its limits. His physical and mental health deteriorated a year ago and so he started a profound transformation that has changed his life. Lingga shares his recipe for a healthy and successful life:

  • good sleep
  • a healthy diet
  • sufficient mental and physical exercise

It can be that dead simple.

For him, it is not about weight loss, but about reinventing himself to be an entrepreneur with a good physical foundation for a successful professional and personal life. He understood how to manage his ‘flow’ and how to have a more mature passion to run his company.

Listen in to this episode to learn more about how a company is always the amplification of its founder and how Lingga’s transformation has changed everything.

Lingga lost over 20kg in 7 month

Lingga 3

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Lingga’s LinkedIn


Intermittent Fasting


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