Episode 05: What It Takes to Run Fintech Companies And Long Distance – With Ned Phillips, CEO of Bambu

What does running a financial technology (fintech) company and competing in 100 mile races have in common? Quite a lot as it turns out.

Ned, a Singapore based entrepreneur and extreme sports athlete, talks in this episode about his experience in building fintech companies for the past decades in Asia and his thirst for achieving more and more in extreme sports. A true believer in testing his boundaries, Ned uses the power of the mind to tackle challenges step by step – quite literally. For example, counting every step during a half marathon (over 22,000 steps) has taught him how the mind overrules it all in situations of doubt and suffering, either during Ironman races or when building technology companies.

‘When I grow up…’ is one of Ned’s favourite quotes and it is a true pleasure to hear from him how he keeps his optimistic outlook. Listen in to learn more about Ned’s story and why he celebrates passing on having a delicious ice cream.

Ned is proving to a friend that he will run in the Singapore jungle wearing a thick wool shirt


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