Episode 04: How Fasting And Triathlons Make You A Healthier And More Focused Venture Investor – With Adrian Li, Partner at Convergence Ventures

Adrian not just likes his burgundy or Italian wine, he is also in the global top 10% of his age group of Ironmans and a successful venture capital investor in Indonesia. No surprise that his kids actually call him ‘Ironman’. He talks about his entrance to triathlons / Ironmans at a relatively young age and how his routine of exercise, nutrition and work helped him to complete races successfully. As a strong believer in fasting, Adrian became more aware of his food intake and got to know his body and mind from a new perspective.

Having been a successful entrepreneur himself, he now nurtures a new generation of entrepreneurs by investing in early stage Indonesian companies. Because of his lifestyle Adrian is able to perform on the highest level and is ultra focus to juggle all the various tasks – from managing a portfolio of 36 companies, engaging his own investors to developing a pipeline of more companies to invest into. He beautifully compares the entrepreneurship journey from ideation to exit with his experience of completing the stages of swimming, cycling and running in an ironman. Listen in to find out more.

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