Episode 01: From Banking to Mindful Living – With Jaslyn Koh, Founder of Broc n’ Bells

In this first episode, Markus sits down with Jaslyn Koh, founder of Broc & Bells and The Busy Woman Project in Singapore, to take on the topic of Mindfulness and Exercising. Jaslyn shares her journey from working (and playing hard) in the financial industry to becoming more mindful and eventually starting her two companies. She stands for many busy woman who are combining a career, social pressure and having a purpose in life.

She is very plugged into the Southeast Asian work out and mindful space and talks about how an increasing number of women (and men) are joining her active community of Broc & Bells.

At the end, she also reveals what sense she would like to have enhanced to become an uberhuman…

Listen in to this episode to learn more about career change, the Southeast Asian mindful community and what it takes to have a purposeful life.


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